The Battery Super Box


At Americase, we engineered The Battery Super Box to be the most robust, thermally protective lithium-ion containment and shipping solution available on the market today. Designed for maximum containment of a thermal-runaway event, the Battery Super Box is best utilized as a storage and reusable shipping solution when your needs require up to an aggregate of 5700Wh. Unlike other solutions, the Battery SuperBox is a rotable multi-use system designed for ROI with a long field life and round-trip type use.

  • Our BBU storage containers are built from aluminum and premier static dissipative foam to ensure you have a safe case that’s built for 10+ years of in-field use.
  • With our individualized solutions, you can request custom-made Battery Boxes that fit the exact layout of your equipment.
  • Each storage container is 100% made in America and utilizes recyclable materials to keep cases lightweight and easy to transport.

The Battery Super Box was designed to thrive under the rigors of logistical instances such as air shipment, exceeding the standards of the ATA 300 Cat 1 as well as the flame penetration and thermal resistance requirements defined in 49CFR 173.168.

  • Allows customers to use Americase Manufacture Mark and Sell SP16011
  • Doesn’t require a DG professional to ship, even with damaged or defective equipment
  • Constructed from industrial strength aluminum
  • Ready-made for fast distribution and use

High-Level Containment Performance for Your High-Value Battery Goods

As the Americase designed solutions for transporting and storing the sometimes volatile and potentially dangerous packages that contain lithium batteries, we knew we needed to provide a rigid, reliable solution for larger-scale needs. The Battery Super Box is the answer created for the application of large-format cells and batteries and is currently the product-of-choice for automotive manufacturers for the safe transportation of DDR automotive lithium-ion cells and batteries. If you require one or a combination of maximum containment, high watt hour storage and shipment, shipment by air, or large format by ground, then the Battery Super Box is the right fit for you.