The Safe Storage of Lithium-Ion Batteries 

With storing lithium batteries comes the risk of DDR batteries and thermal-runaway events. At Americase, we understand that your lithium batteries and lithium-powered items are some of your highest-value assets and products and should be stored to ensure their shelf life and the safety of your staff. Our storage containers were engineered and tested in-house to give you the peace of mind you need to ensure your lithium products are safely operational and your prototype batteries and given the safety and security they need to help your business well into the future.

Safe & Secure Battery Storage

Reusable BBU Storage Containers

The current standard for storing BBUs in data centers is often the inefficient, single-use packaging initially used to ship them. These temporary cases typically lead to the need for rooms solely used for BBU storage, leading to inefficient use of space and high insurance premiums. 

At Americase, our alternative allows for BBUs to be safely stored anywhere on site with their stackable design, and the reuse of cases with our 10+ year field life.

Reliable EV Battery Storage

The automotive industry across the country is pushing the development and production of more environmentally friendly electric and hybrid vehicles. As their popularity grows, so does the need for secure storage of electric vehicle (EV) batteries.

Americase is proud to provide innovative EV Storage containers to help maintain the safety of both personnel and the buildings these batteries are in by safely containing thermal-runaway events.

The Americase Fire Cabinet

Lithium battery storage fire cabinets are vital to the safe storage and charging of lithium batteries at home and in the workplace. Additionally, the use of these cabinets allows for the containing of potential fire hazards caused by lithium battery failures. 

At Americase, our Fire Cabinet contains thermal events (i.e., fires) if the contents inside ignite, providing additional time for workers or residents to evacuate or for sprinkler systems to extinguish a fire, giving families and employees peace of mind each and every day.

Contact Americase to streamline and optimize the safe storage of your lithium batteries today.

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