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At Americase, we stay on the forefront of lithium battery storage containers because we participate and lead at the regulatory level of dangerous goods shipping to bolster our manufacturing experience. Our team understands the needs behind the secure shipment of everything from small consumer electronics to large-format batteries, and we use this knowledge to influence both present and future U.S. and international regulations for the better. With this understanding, Americase has designed our various solutions to exceed regulations and help our customers know their battery products will transport safely and uneventfully.

Secure Shipping Solutions Specialized to Your Needs

Lithium Battery Transport

As the international leader in manufacturing packaging for dangerous and high-value goods, we create complex, yet efficient and effective solutions in the transportation of lithium-ion batteries. 

With Americase, you can ensure that whether your batteries are in or out of equipment, they’ll get to their destination safe and secure.

Lithium Fireproof Battery Storage

At Americase, our rigorous in-house testing drives our efforts to develop the highest quality lithium solutions that operate above and beyond industry standards. 

Our thermal shipping boxes are engineered to contain everything from minimally volatile applications to the most volatile thermal event. This way, you know that safety will always be on your side.

Recall & Recovery Solutions

A suite of solutions for the safe transportation of damaged, defective, and recalled (DDR) batteries.

At Americase, we are responsible for the handling of over 70% of the nation’s lithium-ion battery recalls. The Battery Bag is the lowest cost solution available on the market for the shipment of DDR lithium-ion batteries.

Trust your lithium with us and we’ll develop a solution that makes batteries and DDR safe in your hands.