Containers Designed for Your Industry & Tested for Your Application

At Americase, we’re in the business of creating innovative, problem-solving protection containers based on smart, practical thinking. We provide complex but effective answers to all of your transportation, protection, and storage problems so you can trust that your most valuable products and goods are safe and secure every step of the way. Our solutions are engineered to fit your unique needs and tested to ensure that your custom metal cases can withstand rigorous daily use and last you for years to come.

Custom Cases Manufactured with Problem-Solving in Mind

Countless industries rely on or ship high-value or hazmat goods, but few cases and containers are designed to actually protect and transport these uniquely shaped, fragile, or temperamental products. That’s why the Americase team set out to create innovative custom storage containers that are designed and manufactured to each specific use case across a variety of industries, including military, airline, electronics, oil and gas, and more. We’ve done it for years, and have the case studies to detail how successful our cases have been and could be as your tailormade solution.

Mission-Critical Custom Container Design & Creation

Shipping Cases Manufactured for Each Unique Industry

No case should be a one-size-fits-all solution. Every industry is unique in its protection and transportation needs, so Americase engineers containers specifically for each use and industry-specific codes and regulations. We understand that the typical practices aren’t enough for your high-value goods, so we bring a smart and practical approach and ensure that superior functionality is standard with every case.

Protection Cases for Hazmat & Lithium Applications

When you work with fragile or temperamental products, you know how specific and precise your cases need to be to protect your goods and those handling them. The Americase team has worked with both hazmat and new or recalled lithium items, so we have the expertise and hands-on experience to design a container that safely and securely maintains the integrity of your goods while allowing you to store and transport them with ease.

Rigorous Testing with Every Custom Container Design

Before our cases arrive to begin use in the field, we put them through meticulous testing processes, using the results to refine your custom transportation container’s design until it exceeds regulations and expectations. Once your new cases are in your hands, you’ll know that they were made to the highest standards so they’re performance will remain uncompromising and your operations can continue handling and shipping your high-value items with peace of mind.

Trust Americase to engineer the innovative solution that revolutionizes the protection and transportation of your high-value goods.