Americase: Your Custom Case Manufacturer & Design Partner

At Americase, we believe that no case should be a one-size-fits-all solution. Every industry and company is unique in its protection and transportation needs. With our three-step consultation process, we gain an in-depth understanding of the unique requirements you have for your custom shipping cases and custom storage containers so we can develop a smart, efficient solution built to meet your specific needs and challenges. 

Our in-house team of engineers and shipping case manufacturers understand that the typical practices aren’t enough for your high-value goods, so we bring a smart and practical approach to each project and ensure that superior functionality is the standard with every case.

1. Discovery

In the first step of our consultation process, our team will take time to learn everything we can about your project and the needs you have for your custom shipping cases. This includes:

  • What type of product you need to safely ship and/or securely store
  • The environment and factors that go into the shipping and/or storage of your product
  • Your performance criteria
  • Any applicable modes of transportation involved
  • Your ideal delivery timeline
  • The quantity of cases you need
  • & your budget.

2. Analysis

Once we’re familiar with your project needs, we will recommend an on-site evaluation so our team can gain a full understanding of your specific requirements and uncover any additional considerations. This step is essential because the insights we discover will help us develop the solution that delivers the superior functionality and solution your challenge requires. Once on-site, our experts will analyze your circumstances to learn:

  • Any applicable facility restrictions
  • Storage requirements
  • If any regulatory/compliance oversight considerations are at play
  • Which specific handling or performance criteria need to be considered
  • If you have any appearance requirements for branding or aesthetic purposes
  • & if it’s necessary that we help you develop ROI for your use case

3. Solution Proposal

In this final step of our consultation, the Americase team will use the data we gathered during our Discovery and Analysis processes to develop a concept for your custom storage container solution. At this point, you will receive:

  • An overview of your custom solution
  • An estimate of the design, development, manufacturing, and deployment timeline
  • A cost estimate, detailing the materials and processes involved in producing your unique solution

Containers Designed for Your Industry & Tested for Your Application

Countless industries rely on or ship high-value or hazmat goods, but few cases and containers are designed to actually protect and transport these uniquely shaped, fragile, or temperamental products. That’s why the Americase team set out to create innovative custom storage containers, designed and manufactured to each specific use case across a variety of industries, including military, airline, electronics, oil and gas, and more. We provide complex but effective answers to all of your transportation, protection, and storage problems so you can trust that your most valuable products and goods are safe and secure every step of the way. 

When you choose Americase as your custom case manufacturer, our team of experts will develop the detailed specifications, drawings, cost, and timeline needed to engineer and deliver your own custom shipping cases. Our solutions are engineered to fit your unique needs and tested to ensure that your new cases can withstand rigorous daily use and last you for years to come.

Trust Americase to engineer the innovative solution that revolutionizes the protection and transportation of your high-value goods.