Americase Customers


When customers need mission-critical packaging, whether to protect high value equipment or to contain fire, heat, and dangerous particles, they come to Americase.

Most of our customers don’t want to be named because we are solving a problem, that if not resolved, could really hurt their brand. We respect their request. We don’t just protect customers’ products; we protect their brand.

What we can tell you is that if you do business with Americase, you will be in good company. We do business with approximately ten percent of the Fortune 500 companies.

Space & Exploration



Medical Devices

Airline and General Aviation Customers

• All four airline companies in the Fortune 500.

• Seven of eight Fortune 500 aerospace and defense companies.

• The top two Fortune 500 air freight delivery companies are customers

Military Customers

• All 6 branches of the military.

Space and Exploration Customers

• The top four space and exploration companies.

Oil and Gas Customers

• The top two Fortune 500 oil and gas companies.

Semiconductors Customers

• Four of the top ten Fortune 500 semiconductor companies.
• Two of the top eight Fortune 500 information technology services companies.
• One of the top four Fortune 500 network and other communications equipment companies.

Consumer Electronics

• The top two Fortune 500 computer software companies.

• The top three Fortune 500 computers and office equipment companies.

• One of the top two Fortune 500 Telecommunications companies.

• One of the top three Fortune 500 specialty retailers.


• The top three Fortune 500 automotive companies.

Data Centers

• The top three Fortune 500 internet retailers and services are customers.

• One of the top 20 Fortune 500 property and casualty insurance companies.

Power Tools

• One of the top five Fortune 500 household products companies.

Medical Devices

• The top two Fortune 500 medical products and equipment companies.